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About Us

 About Us

Welcome to UNI Sport Kick – A renowned online platform selling soccer shoes and shoes! Our selections are dedicated to soccer players. We are here to help you purchase soccer shoes, from the latest models worn by sports players at affordable price.

Why Buy From US? 

With many years of experience in the sports industry, we are now the world’s largest online rugby store. Discover the biggest savings on a huge range of soccer shoes at and get your favorite pair. Find great deals on soccer shoes, kits and other equipment.

Working with factories across the world, UNI Sport Kick sources quality components to make shoes that are not only good in look but also comfortable to wear throughout the day. Soft insole allow a player to play comfortably on the pitch. The studs provide good grip while playing on the ground.

Our designers have long years of experience creating for the latest fashion and also tailor soccer shoes designs for the market.

Great Selection 

Whether you’re a playmaker, striker or defensive player, you’ll find the right soccer shoes for all surfaces here. UNI Sport Kick selection of soccer shoes will definitely take your performance to the next level with amazing brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more. Our range extend beyond outdoor shoes to indoor shoes to help you dominate every pitch.

The world's comfiest soccer shoes for men, women and children has arrived, and the feedback from our buyers has been outstanding. Made using premium leather, the soccer boots fit your foot like a dream. Light in weight, durable and made for players, our designed shoes are serious to pair your frrt.

If you are serious about soccer, there won’t be any other place than visiting us at fit your dream. Select the best soccer shoes 2020 and make order online to enjoy wide free shipping.