The adidas Predator Freak + is one of the masterpieces from the sports accessory’s giant. Its one of those roll-outs you had been waiting for. When was the last time you have had promised your kid something absolutely outstanding on their birthday? This year don’t let the day pass just like that. Gift them something brilliant, something that will make them remember their very special day. Yes! you have had gifted your kid all the luxuries of life but this time around its likely to be a little more different. Since you have noticed him catch fancy on football leagues, it will be a great idea if you could have him practice the game with a pair of Adidas Predator Freak+ on.

Get your Champion The Adidas Predator Freak+

Count on the Kids Adidas Predator Freak+ FG boots Silver Metallic Core Black Scarlet if you’d like him to look bold and stylish while chasing the ball. It seems like the design team from the manufacturer has gone an extra mile designing this absolutely great pair of cleats. Watch your kid turn his attack mode on as they chase the ball with this aggressive edition on. One of the greatest from the Predator franchise Adidas doesn’t seem to be looking for the ordinary this time.

Check on how the Predator Freak + for kids fit

Wondering how the pair of cleats will fit around the little feet of your kid? To give you a clearer picture let us explain the comfort elements in details. Even though we will say that the fittings depend upon the shape of their feet and the kind of fitting preference you child has, we will still insist that you bring them in because its just like its predecessor, the Predator Mutator which has a streamlined silhouette. Want to know why the Freak + makes for a great choice? We will explain. So, it kind of hugs their feet tightly so much so that the middle foot gets extra support and at the same time there is abundance of room for the forefoot toe-box to do the magic. The biggest update is its ankle collar.

What about its traction?

Flip over, and there is a whole new framework to discover. Like we have said, the Predator Freak+ is identical to its predecessor, its structural similarity too is evident. The control-frame outsole is designed such that it is light weight promising fantastic toe off. Most of all, the light-weight cleats offer “directional changing grip”. Additionally, the DEMONSKIN elements are worth mentioning because they make the football boots more gripping. Now watch your kid get maximum grip on the playing surface alongside the ball. Such high performance will only give your kid an edge over other chasing players. It’s the touch elements of the football boots that make it different from all others in the segment. Not only it provides extraordinary grip but at the same time allows the wearer to experience maximum comfort. The Predator Freak + kids is too much to resist. Now watch your little champ charge like a wild horse while gripping the ball like he is the lion on field.


Want to see your kid march on the field, get them the Kids Adidas Predator Freak + silver metallic Core Black Scarlet. It’s the biggest gift you can gift your child this birthday.