One of the criteria that you should consider is the feel you are looking for.

Brands make different football boots or soccer cleats as per the preferences the users have. The feel of a cleat or a boot is the sensation that the wearer feels while wearing a football boot. The feeling can be categorized into four categories and those are,

  • Control
  • Comfort
  • Finishing
  • Speed

Let’s talk about each of them in detail and find out the one that suits you the best. This is one of the most significant steps to selecting the best soccer boots for you as it is where you can determine the amount of experience you have with the selection of the boots. Below is a general discussion. The feel can vary from player to player.

  • Control boots – These come with many control-grippy things on the surface.Nike Phantom GT II Elite DF FG Soccer Cleats White Black Bright Crimson Black are one of the most popular of them. The cleats usually have a synthetic upper to make them as grippy and sticky as possible. Sometimes they are made from leather as well. These are ideal for the players who want to have the ball close to their foot and prefer the control elements to provide them with a grippy and cushioned feel without compromising comfort. The stud pattern of the boots differs a lot. However, they mostly consist of a combination of round studs to let the users pivot and turn in the right spots. The bladed studs are meant to provide proper traction while accelerating.
  • Comfort cleats – They are simple boots designed for the players that prefer to have a cushioned feel in their foot. They usually have the classic feel that the older soccer boots had. Nike Tiempo and Addidas Copa are perfect examples of comfort boots. The cleats mostly feature a leather upper. The stud pattern is not so aggressive. They mostly have round studs so the players can rotate in the spot.
  • Finishing cleats – They can be better called agility boots. They are the right combo of control and comfort while having the aggressiveness of speed cleats. They feature clean striking things and zones to ensure a cushioned and grippy feel while passing or shooting the ball. They have a mixed kind of stud pattern. The pattern is a combination of bladed and conical studs so the boots can maintain a balance between pivoting, turning, and aggressiveness. Nike Phantom GT II Elite DF FG is a good example of these cleats.
  • Speed cleats – These are lightweight cleats with a thin upper offering a barefoot feeling. They have an aggressive pattern of studs for quick-speed acceleration. Their thin upper offers a barefoot sensation that many players prefer. Speed cleats are the newest in the market. F50 from Adidas is a good example of speed cleats. Other brands also have their kinds of speed boots.

So, you can see that there are mostly four kinds of soccer cleats – comfort cleats, control cleats, speed cleats, and finishing cleats. Buy it now at free delivery.